Barattolo di Sale / Salt Jar (2015)

Barattolo di Sale/Salt Jar
is both a live performance and a short experimental film.

This piece explores the boundaries between ‘normality’ and its perception. Words and music revolve around each other as in a jigsaw of feelings, premonitions, and echoes. As in an exercise of free association aiming to uncage subconscious imagery, the visuals are assembled from snippets of a somewhat disturbed everyday reality.

UK, 2015, 9’58”. Visuals, Texts and Voices: Francesca Ricci & Gaston Gorga. Music: Gaston Gorga
Musicians: Original parts by: Francesca Ricci (Synths/Drums), Aniela Perry (Electric Cello), Gaston Gorga (Guitar Bass & Synth), Christo McCracken (Guitar)